Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Meeting Minutes 5/5/09

Bud Richardson – Acting Facilities Manager
Andy Mariotti – Network Mananger
Connor Gillis – Student
Alan Steinman – Alan Steinman Landscaping
Rose Giorlandino – NHS
Susan Halpin – Co-Chair
Doris Cahill – Parent

Metrowest Daily News (Sunday Edition) – Very nice article about the 1966 class ring that was lost in our courtyard and found during our workday on 4-4-09. Check it out

Website/Webcam/Summer Watering Schedule:
  • Andy Mariotti with the help of George Clarke has installed. They are experimenting with its functionality. Right now it is facing out on the courtyard and taking still pictures at intervals. This will be a great asset as we show the community the progress in the garden and in the courtyard.
  • Andy showed us how to access the camera and the website template he has developed.
  • Kathy Kendall will work with Mr. Mariotti, and Mrs. Doyle to get the website information created and linked to the school website using a template.
  • A summer watering/weeding schedule needs to be developed at our next meeting. There will be an online schedule located on the new website. Faculty and staff that have volunteered to be on the schedule and oversee the garden for the summer are:
- Andy Mariotti
- Susan Halpin
- Eileen Palmer
  • This would include making sure the timers for the sprinklers are functioning properly and weeding is done. Perhaps each volunteer could be responsible for a one week span, or do one particular day during the week…we will need to clarify this at our next meeting when members of CLEANARHS and NHS volunteers are in attendance.

In School Watering Schedule:
  • Now that we have many vegetables as well as strawberries, raspberries, and rhubarb planted watering each school day is needed. We are talking to the Life Skills classes about taking on this daily task until the school year is finished.

  • We discussed the possibility of having a well as the source of water for an irrigation system. This seems like a very expensive alternative ($5,000-$10,000) given there is no way well digging equipment can access the courtyard. A well would have to be dug outside by the Copy Center room and pipes would need to be brought up the walls and over the roof into the courtyard.
  • Right now there are 4 hydrants in the courtyard from which water is accessible. Different sprinkler heads/and a couple of different zones would be needed because the courtyard sections (vegetable garden, perennial gardens, trees, bushes) all have different needs for irrigation.
  • Bud, Alan and the irrigation specialist will work together to come up with a proposal for the best solution for an irrigation system to fit our varied needs.

  • Since we still have no money budgeted for this project, Alan has offered to drop off 2 wheel barrels and some shovels to use as needed and on the workdays. This equipment will be kept in the courtyard and can stay until we have money to buy what we need.

May 1 Work Day
  • Rose Giorlandino, Connor Gillis and Mrs. Halpin planted strawberries, raspberries and rhubard. Thank you very much for the plant and equipment donations from Doris Cahill, Alan Steinman Landscaping and Gillis Brothers. Plants are doing great.

Next Work Day, May 15:
  • Friday, May 15 from 2-4 we will be thinning the radishes, stringing the peas, and planting a few more vegetables. If we have enough volunteers we can clear a patch of ground for the pumpkin patch too.

Task List
  • Website – Kathy Kendall, Andy Mariotti
  • Email Plant List to Mrs. Cahill – Mrs. Halpin
  • Irrigation Specialist to Site - Alan Steinman, Bud Richardson

Next Courtyard/Garden Meeting:
Tues, May 12, 2pm Room E107

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