Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Meeting Minutes 4/28/09

Mike Gorman – Facilities Mgr.
Bud Richardson - Facilities
Alan Steinman – Owner, Alan Steinman Landscaping
John Barry – Student Council Advisor
Susan Halpin – Garden Committee Co-chair & Teacher
Diane DeSantis – National Honor Society Advisor
Andy Mariotti – Network Manager
Susan Whalen – Technology Specialist
Connor Gillis - Student
Kathryn Kendall– President CLEANARHS
Zach Mascetta – CLEANARHS
Mike Haberman – CLEANARHS
Connor Cunningham – CLEANARHS

Newspaper Story
  • Metrowest Daily News contacted Susan Halpin over the April vacation, they would like to do a story on the 1966 class ring that was found in the garden area. Susan gave them Mary Beth Russo’s (finder of the ring) and Cindy Lund’s (owner of the ring) contact info. Susan also suggested they do a story on the garden and the enthusiastic response of the communities of Northboroough & Southborough…waiting to hear about this.
Funding Possibilities
  • Northborough Garden Club – Grant application submitted.
  • Southborough Garden Club – Spoke to President Penny Healy, Proposal for grant will be brought before the club at their next meeting.
  • Southborough Ed Foundation – Grant application submitted. Meeting with ARHS rep Larry Modestow on 5/4 to clarify any questions members have.
  • Donorschoose.org – placed our project on this website. Donors can look at and choose to fund projects or materials needed for schools.
  • Murphy Sisters Foundation – email letter written, waiting for answer from foundation.

Assabet Valley Vocational High School
  • Shirley Lundberg our co-chair has made a connection with the Director of Technical Programs and the Carpentry Lead Teacher at Assabet. They would like to construct the gazebo, storage shed and bridge as part of their sophomore class carpentry project.
  • They are putting together a proposal that would include the cost of materials to build these structures. Algonquin would need only to purchase the materials, Assabet would provide the labor.

Webcam and Website Construction
  • Kathy Kendall will work with Mr. Mariotti and Mrs. Doyle (school website advisor) to develop a website for our garden project. Purpose of the site will be to show progress of project, how plants are growing, basically PR to the outside world.
  • Andy has purchased a webcam and is working with George Clarke (Video Tech Teacher) to install it and have it used as part of the garden project.

  • With the hot outside temperatures this week it has become essential to have a watering schedule now that we have “crops” growing. (spinach, beets, radishes, snow peas, Swiss Chard, lettuce). Susan Halpin will ask the Life Skills students if they would like to help with this chore for the present.
  • Students installed sprinklers with timers in the garden today. This looks like it will work fine until we decide on a more extensive irrigation system.
  • Kathy Kendall will also ask CLEANARHS group for help with summertime overseeing of the garden. Andy Mariotti, Susan Halpin, Bud Richardson will also help with overseeing the garden during the summer months.
  • Alan Steinman will ask his irrigation specialist to look at our project plans to estimate the amount of money needed for an irrigation system.

Workday on Friday, May 1st
  • Kathy Kendall will let the CLEAN group know. Diane DeSantis will let National Honor Society know. Alan Steinman will provide wheel barrels and shovels for the afternoon.
  • Alan will consult garden plan about best placement for these additional beds.
  • Susan Halpin will ask Gillis Bros, and Bigelowes for rhubarb plants, strawberry and pumpkin plants. Just the rhubarb and strawberries can be planted now.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Meeting Minutes 4/15/09

Mike Gorman – Facilities Mgr.
Alan Steinman – Owner, Alan Steinman Landscaping
John Barry – Student Council Advisor
Dick Walsh
Mike Gorman
Susan Halpin - Teacher
Connor Gillis - Student
Rose Giorlandicco – Student
Kathryn Kendall – student, CLEANARHS,
Zach Mascetta – Student, CLEANARHS
Felipe Silviera – Student, CLEANARHS
Bud Richardson – Facilities
Christine Connolly- AP Environmental Science Teacher
Helen Yong – Writer for “the Reg”

Class Ring Pic
  • Students, Cindy Lund and Dick Walsh
  • Class ring from 1966 found in courtyard, owner identified, ring returned.

  • We are still pursuing this area. Class of 2008 is still a possibility, and Murphy Sisters must be clarified. John Barry and Diane DeSantis will be working with Charles and Ned on this subject.
  • Grant for Southborough Ed Foundation was submitted last week. Funding requested was enough to pay for materials for brick walkway, gazebo, and tuition for summer course for 2 teachers to develop curriculum using the outdoor garden.

Planting the Raised Beds this Friday April 17th. and Friday, May 1 2pm-4pm
  • Ms. Connelly and her AP Environmental Science students (other students who have permission from their 7th period teachers are welcome to join) will be planting the following early season veggies:
  • Connor Gillis will be seeing if we can get these seeds from his family’s garden store.
  • Work day scheduled for Friday, May 1st 2pm-4pm. We will be planting other vegetables/perennials that are early plants.

Spray Painting the Brick Walkway
  • Alan Steinman brought his tools and we mapped out (in orange spray paint) our brick walkway. Students attending the meeting got to see how a landscaper maps and measures out pieces of a master plan. Seeing the walkway mapped out, helps us visualize how significant this walkway is to the overall plan of the courtyard.
  • We are in discussions with Assabet Valley Vocational School to have them build the walkway as part of a course of study for their students. Algonquin will be responsible for the purchase the materials. They just received the master garden plan today.

Next Meeting:
Tuesday, April 21, 2008 -- 2:05PM -- E107