Sunday, May 31, 2009

Meeting Minutes 5/31/09

Kathy Kendall
Will Chang
Zach Mascetta
Alan Steinman
Michelle Murphy
Susan Halpin

  • New above ground system with 3 hoses and a timer was installed on Tuesday. The garden is watered each morning at 4AM for a half an hour. Looks like the system is working great. Thank you Ed Whittaker from Underground Concepts in Hopkinton and Alan Steinman.
  • Group finalized the plans from Assabet. They will be building us a 12 foot gazebo without screens, and with 2 interior benches. We also decided to upgrade a few of the materials for the shed to make it easier to maintain.
  • Michelle Murphy presented us with a check for $8,000 from the Murphy Sisters Foundation. She was very pleased to see the garden project underway. She brought a beautiful granite bench, 2 gazing balls (one maroon and the other gold), a garden angel, sundial, and a weather station. This money will help purchase needed materials for gazebo, shed and footbridge.
  • We are working on placing the bench, gazing balls and sundial in an appropriate place in the courtyard. Garden angel is already sitting in one of the raised beds.

Food Pantry
  • Any vegetables harvested during the summer that we cannot use in our Culinary classes will be donated to the Northborough Food Pantry. We will need to discuss how that will work in the summer with our volunteers overseeing the garden each week. Food pantry is open on Wednesday mornings and Thursday evenings.

Alumni Website
  • There is a link to an alumni website off of the main school website. It would be nice to have a link to the Courtyard/Garden project so alumni would be informed about this project. They also may want to donate funds and services.

Grub Control & Fertilizer
  • Now that the courtyard has been mowed on a regular basis, qe were wondering if our facilities department would be able to put some grub control and fertilizer on the grass so it would be more healthy and look nicer,
Garden Maintenance
  • All beds except for the pumpkin patch have been weeded. All beds were fertilized.

Next Meeting
Tuesday, June 9 at 2:05 in E107.
  1. website
  2. Make summer schedule for maintenance
  3. Food Pantry process/schedule
  4. Weed Pumpkin Patch /Harvest radishes/String Peas

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