Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Meeting Minutes 6/16/09

Alan Steinman
Joanne (Alan’s Assistant)
Andy Mariotti
Zach Mascetta
Kathy Kendall
Felipe Silveira
Connor Cunningham
Susan Halpin
Will Chang
Leah Walzer

Surveying the Courtyard/Garden Area
  • Thank you to Diane DeSantis’ Math students who have been surveying the courtyard and marking the areas where the planting beds and structures will be located.
  • Thank you also to Ray Belanger’s wood shop students for making the wood stakes used to mark the courtyard areas.
  • Zach, Felipe, Andy, Alan & Joanne spray-painted the outline of the garden areas so we can get a visual of the courtyard/garden plan.
  • Leah and Connor weeded the strawberry and pumpkin patches.

Donating Produce to Northborough Food Pantry
  • Connor, Kathy, Will picked salad greens, strawberries and radishes that were ready to be harvested. These were donated to the Northborough Food Pantry. Almost 3 lbs of salad greens were harvested.

  • Kathy Kendall created the website for the Garden. We hope to have this site linked to main school site. Content is being added and we hope to have this up for viewing very soon. Stay tuned!

Next Meeting Tues. June 23
  • Next Tues there are only make-up exams in the afternoon, however, if there is anyone around, we do need to complete the marking of the garden we started last week. There are many stakes that need to be pounded into the ground.

Garden Maintenance over the Summer
  • If you would like to help with taking care of the garden during the summer, let us know. We can always use hands to help with weeding. Andy Mariotti, Eileen Palmer, Kathy Dalgliesh and Susan Halpin will be taking turns to provide summer maintenance.
  • Over the summer we will save the produce that is harvested that can be used in the Nutrition & Culinary Arts classes. Everything else will be donated to the Food Pantry.